What We Teach

As an affiliated dojo of Wadokai Aikido, we train the style of Aikido known as Suenaka-Ha Tetsugaku Ho Aikido.

This style of Aikido is a synthesis between physical and spiritual forms of Aikido. In the months before his death, the founder of Aikido Morehei Ueshiba O’Sensei spoke these last words to Wadokai Aikido founder Roy Y. Suenaka Sensei: “Never stray from the Path of Aiki.” Thus, in his severance from both the Aikikai, Ki Society thus creating the style we practice, Suenaka, Sensei felt that it was important that his organization practice both the martial and the spiritual aspects of Aikido, as Ueshiba, Sensei intended.

The result is a martial art that is “street effective,” yet respectful of others, a martial art that can control and defend with or without damage. With its concern for life, Aikido is perfect for a society in which a fight, even in self-defense, can begin on the street and end in the courtroom. The Aikidoka uses only the force necessary and never harms without cause. This was the vision of the founder, the man who taught that the secret to budo was love.