Membership and Fees

Aikido RVA Monthly Dues and Discounts

Dues are payable the first class of the month in which they are due according to payment plan.

Month to Month
($50 per month)
3 Month Payment
($45 Per month)
6 month payment
($40 Per Month)

Family Membership

$40.00 per member of the family

Camps and Seminars

Our parent organization, Wadokai Aikido, hosts several member only events through out the year. These events have separate registration fee set per event basis on event location and duration.  In order to attend these events you must be active with Wadokai Aikido.

Visiting Aikidoka

Non Wadokai Aikido guests are welcome to practice at Aikido RVA.  Mat fees are $10.00 per class. Visitors are our guests and we welcome you to practice with us. We do ask that visitors refrain from teaching their own style and comply with Wadokai Aikido rules of dojo etiquette.


Membership Fees